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So much to do!

So much to do this month...and not just this month...this whole year.

I have gone through the projects that I want to work on this year and I have a packed schedule this month.

Most of it has been roughed out and eventhough there is alot I feel confident that I can get it all done. Tomorrow I start on a quick gif file for my linkedIn account. It will have a few animations and transitions showcasing my main skills. 

Then there is my portfolios that I will need to update and create. I have my graphic design portfolio to update. I have already applied to a few positions, but I will need to update my portfolio as it needs alot of spicing up. Later on this month I will put together my animation reel showcasing my skills as an animator. It will be fun to get back into animation. I would also at some later point create a motion graphic reel.

I have a few other projects that will spread out through the year. A few graphic novels that I will flesh out and do some conceptual art. There is also my 12of12 project which will be large digital art pieces that I hope to by this time next year will be completed and ready for a gallery showing or some competitions. I know competing is somewhat frowned upon in the industry, but I wouldn't mind winning and showing off what I can do.

I have a secret 5 part comic book that I will be working on. This is a personal one, not for the world to see...but I might show it somewhere at some point.

I will also be learning Unity and trying to create a video game from scratch. The first one will obviously be a simple game just for me how to use Unity. I  do have 2 games that I want to get done. One would be a collaboration and the other would be "the game" that I want to create not just for mobile devices but for computers and game consoles.

Then eventually, I hope to a vlog. Still thinking about it, but I need time to simmer my brain and develop what I think would be fun to do.

So, with all of those projects plus my daily doodles I will be constantly working and very little down time. If I can get it all done I will be one happy artsy fartsy artist in 2016.


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so much to do - victor terzis