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My Daily Doodles | January 2016

Here are my #dailydoodles during January.

The goal was to come up with artwork for each day of the month. At first I was going to do a mix of hand drawn artwork, digital artwork using Illustrator and Photoshop. I found it that it was much easier, to my suprise to come up with these "doodles" in adobe Illustrator. 

I first published these #dailydoodle on my twitter account which is and for my select audience on my facebook account. I will in the future put these onto Instigram, but I am hesitant about putting original artwork on that platform. I have some ideas for these doodles, so keeping the artwork close to my chest for the moment is my choice.

Having accomplished my goal for January I will take baby steps and see if I can continue these digital pieces for each day of each month. The ultimate goal is to hit each day of 2016.

wish me luck ;)

Feel free to scroll down and check out all 31 pieces